Wednesday, October 20, 2010

David shows Petersham the Greek

David Tserakis from Perama in Petersham had a fabulous time with students at Petersham Public School.

They all had the opportunity to taste the famous Perama taramasalata and tzatziki and describe the tastes and their experience of those tastes.

Students then had the opportunity to make their own dolmades with David's brilliant concoction of filling. Astoundingly the whole class tasted their completed dolmades & more than 90% ate the entire thing. Only a few disliked the taste.

Honey & black pepper mascerated figs were next for the tasting which led to a range of taste experiences being discussed.

Handmade cheese filo triangles were next & are sure to be a new addition to many a Petersham household after the children learnt how easy they are to make & how tasty something so simple and different can be.

Newington boys savour the flavour!

Alex Herbert from Bird, Cow, Fish inspired a whole new group of Masterchefs on Monday at Newington College.

She spent the morning discussing a range of tastes asking them to describe their own experiences with various taste samples she provided.

The boys really enjoyed the experience and seemed to take a lot of pride in sharing their tastes with each other & planning to use the learnings at home.

Young Foodies at Dobroyd Point

Students at Dobroyd Point Public School were lucky enough this week to be given a taste education.  As part of the Week of Tastes, they have been learning about the diversity of tastes, textures and flavours as well as exploring Haberfield’s food and Italian roots.
The program also encourages schools to connect with a local chef, restauranteur, food producer or artisan to help children develop an appreciation for the origin of the food, how it is prepared, its taste as well as hear about the life of someone with a passion for food.
And what better way for Dobroyd Point to get a whiff of that passion for food than by meeting with one of the most prominent local food identities, Peter Zuzza of Haberfield’s La Disfida.
Peter spent Tuesday morning showing students some of his favourite raw ingredients such as squid, octopus, fish, olive oil and herbs. He shared with them some history of the origins of Italian food and also taught them about fresh seafood.

Dobroyd children were then able to spend the morning experimenting with a few simple ingredients to discover how they liked to eat seafood. They were shown how to make a simple prawn & octopus salad. Many tried seafood for the first time! Others discovered that they liked something they hadn’t tried before or that tasted different than previously.

Zuzza’s enthusiasm for sharing his passion for food with children is evident as you walk through the rear of his restaurant where he displays food-inspired artworks supplied by young visitors to La Disfida. He has just inspired a whole new group of Masterchefs and home cooks!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Week of Tastes at Malabar Primary

Malabar Primary students were able to take an excursion for their Week of Tastes. Brasserie Bread, a bakery started by Michael Klausen uses a delicous thirteen year old sourdough starter!

Everyone learnt to knead, roll and make individual pizzas.

To see more photos from the excursion go to MALABAR PRIMARY at Brasserie Bread

Alex Herbert at Crown Street Primary

Making real vanilla icecream was a treat for the grade 4 students at Crown Street Primary during their Week of Tastes visit from Chef Ales Herbert of Bird Cow Fish. Lovely fresh eggs, cream, sugar and a vanilla pod were used to make the custard base.

Once the vanilla custard was cooled Alex poured it into an icecream maker.

After what seemed like an eternity, the icecream was ready to taste. Everyone wanted seconds and thirds!

The final verdict .......
too busy eating the last drops to know!

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Week of Tastes at Bourke Street Primary

Bourke Street Bakery owners Paul Allon and David McGuiness, came along to their local school, Bourke Street Primary this week to show the students how easy it is to knead and form their dough into rolls.

Everyone loved the chocolate cookies with sour cherries!

Budding future bakers and pastry chefs!

To view more photos go to BOURKE STREET PRIMARY with Bourke St Bakery

Colin Fassnidge at Clovelly Primary

Colin Fassnidge from "Four in Hand" restaurant visited Clovelly to give an amazing lesson on different tastes and how to change and enhance flavours.
Here he presents the students with three different greens to taste. Fresh spinach, sorrel for its lemony sour taste and finally watercress with its peppery taste.

Here Colin is showing off his expert chopping skills to slice tomatoes. Everyone got to eat a slice of tomato then another slice sprinkled with Murray River Salt to see how much better the tomato tasted with the salt.

Then Colin took beautiful strawberries and added some surprises........
"salt, vinegar and a little sugar!"
Wow, who would have thought to do that?

As a final treat, cantalope soup with lemon zest! Yum.

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